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Data Analysis

If you want to support your management decisions by the specific answers that your data can provide, we can help you define the right measurements, carefully perform all the calculations and visualize them for you in a clear way.

Debt Collection Process

Consumer finance market is highly competitive, pushing companies to test crediting more and more risky customer segments. In such environment, collection effectiveness is a key determinant of profit for finance company. We can analyze the debt collection process in your company and use the state-of-art know-how to suggest the most effective ways to streamline it. We can develop automatic tools to support this process with technologies such as VBA macro-enabled Excel spreadsheets and help you implement them into practice.

Business Reporting

In order to make sure you possess timely, clear and exact measurements of your business, you can request our service to develop new report sets for you or improve the existing ones. We will define the necessary indicators, present clear templates and write the code that calculates it.

Call Center Management

You can hire us to prepare tailor-made incentive schemes, policies, people management tools and policies for your needs. We love creating innovative solutions for challenging problems!

Scoring Models

Segmentation with regression scoring model is not just about putting statistical theory to practice. To make sure your company will really benefit from implementation of scoring model, lot of attention needs to be spent on preparation of the data and wide considerations of the model's application into your business need to be taken. We can help.

Digital Marketing and Leadgen

Latest area of our focus had been online marketing services in the area of financial services in Southeast Asia region, starting with Vietnam. We provide consumers with quality content and tools enabling them to make informed decisions about financial services, mostly related to comparison of lending products. To our business partners, we are offering high quality business leads with stable and reliable results.

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