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Members of our team worked on...

Business reporting system

Our team helped a major consumer finance company to build a Collection reporting system based on a modern BI solution. The main goal was to establish a set of indicators and metrics to monitor current state of collection and how it changes in time in order to improve their daily operation efficiency. The system allows viewing information by different sections (products, regions, etc.) and by different levels of users.

Setup of scorecard and decision engine

Building and optimizing debt collection scorecard model allowing financial company to contact the most risky customers as soon as possible thus minimizing the losses and to find out the good customers, who are willing to pay, so that company can save manpower and optimize the costs.

Debt collection management consulting​

Complete review of collection processes and policies, preparation of tailor-made improvement solutions, review of performance indicators and setup of corresponding benchmarks based on industry best-practice experience.

Collection process champion–challenger testing

Pilot test to find best segments and companies for outsourcing collection process, analysis of benefits and costs and implementation of optimal strategy.

Underwriting score card

Development of underwriting scoring model for a multinational retail bank using logistic regression method.

Anti-fraud reporting

Design and implementation of complete fraud prevention report set for international consumer finance group using in SQL and MS Excel with VBA.

Collection agency start-up project

China market and legal research, budget preparation and due diligence of an existing company for potential acquisition.

Auto-dialer implementation

Complete implementation of predictive autodialing system (Genesys) for optimized segment of customers in call center of 200 heads leading to over 40% saving of manpower.

Implementation of collection strategy in IT system

Specification and implementation of whole collection process in a proprietary information system of international financial company (excluding the IT development part).

Debt settlement campaign

Test, segmentation and implementation of debt restructuring campaign for a major retail bank in a crisis-struck economy.

HR planning model for call center

Development of model calculating current needs for human resource and methods to predict it according to business volume trend and other factors.

Data mining tool for fraud detection and skip tracing

Development of automatic tool finding suspicious groups of borrowers based on repeated phone numbers and helping to trace them via connections with other customers.

and others…

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